SAVIGNY,F.C.v., Sistema del Diritto Romano attuale. 8 vols. Turin 1886.

SAVIGNY,F.C.v., Sistema del Diritto Romano attuale. 8 vols. Turin 1886.

SAVIGNY, Federico Carlo di, Sistema del Diritto Romano attuale. Traduzione dall`originale tedesco di Vittorio Scialoja, Professore di Diritto Romano nella R. Università di Roma. Volume primo (…ottavo) Turin (Torino), Unione Tipografico-Editrice, 33, via Carlo Alberto, 33, 1886. Oktav. (I: 1886) LXIII, 425 S.; (II: 1888) VII, 551 S.; (III: 1891) VI, 606 S.; (IV: 1889) VII, 696 S.; (V: 1893) VII, 714 S.; (VI: 18) S.; (VII: 18) S.; (VIII: 18) S. 8 zeitgemäße Halbleinenbände. Order-no.: Sav-23 ISBN 978-3-86303-588-4 lieferbar/available


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F. C. v. Savigny (1779-1861), Professor for Roman Law in Marburg, Landshut and finally from 1810 at the newly founded Humboldt University, Berlin, suspended his teaching work to write his Opus Magnum. In 1835 Savigny began writing his system that showed the jurist at the peak of his scholarly powers. His style and expression still impress readers today. After a long absence, Savigny once again reached the pinnacle of scholarship with his „System des heutigen römischen Rechts“. This late work which was to remain unfinished (it did not go beyond the general principles) is one of the most elegant of German legal literature; and the perfect classicism of its language, its presentation and its terminology made a lasting impression on the generations of jurists to come. (Franz Wieacker, PRG 1953, S. 238). In volume VIII F. C. von Savigny develops the modern doctrine of conflict of laws as the basis for international private law. Savigny is generally regarded as the founder of „international private law“.

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