BALDUS de Ubaldis (1327-1400), Consilia, Lyon 1540: Vincentius de Portonariis.

BALDUS de Ubaldis (1327-1400), Consilia, Lyon 1540: Vincentius de Portonariis.

BALDUS de Ubaldis (1327-1400), Prima (…quinta) pars consiliorum domini Baldi de Perusio Juris utriusque Doctoris acutissimi… et…superadditis per dominum Hieronymum chuchalon hyspanum. Repertorium consiliorum domini Baldi de Ubaldis. Lyon, Apud Vincentium de Portonariis. 1540 (?). 4to. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2014) Zusammen DCXX gezählte Blätter (=1.200 S.) 6 parts in 2 Half-linen. Order-no.: IC-88 ISBN 978-3-86303-352-1 available Baldus de Ubaldis was together with Bartolus the most important Commetator and very famous for his cosilia!


Order Number: 22609AB

Coing, Handbuch I, 336ff. (N.Horn): together 2. 518 Rechtsgutachten (consilia) Baldus de Ubaldis (1327-1406), famous Italian Jurist and Commentator, a member of the noble family of the Ubaldi (Baldeschi), was born at Perugia in 1327, and studied civil law there under Bartolus de Saxoferrato, being admitted to the degree of doctor of civils law at the early age of seventeen. Federicus Petrucius of Siena is said to have been the master under whom studied canon law. Upon his promotion to the doctorate he at once proceeded to Bologna, where he taught law for three years; after which he was advanced to a professorship at Perugia, where he remained for thirty-threeyears. He taught law subsequently at Pisa, at Florence, at Padua and at Pavia, at a time when the schools of law in those universities disputed on the 28th of April 1406 (or 1400). The extant works of Baldus hardly bear out the great reputation which he acquired amongst his contemporaries, due partly to the active part he took in public affairs, and partly to the fame he acquired by consultations, of which five volumes have been published (Lyon 1540 and Frankfort 1589).

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