INSTITUTIONES Justiniani, Ausgabe Paris 1553: Carola Guillard.

INSTITUTIONES Justiniani, Ausgabe Paris 1553: Carola Guillard.

INSTITUTIONES Justiniani – Institutionum civilium libri quatuor, una cum Accursii commentariis, ac multorum iurisdoctorum annotationibus recens maiora cura, quam unquam antehac, cum in textu, tum in glossis ab Aegidio Perrino emendati scholiisque illustrati. Paris, Apud Carolam Guillard, 1553. Quart. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2014) Titelblatt mit Druckersignet, (45), 884 Spalten. Halbleinen. Order-no.: IC-117 ISBN 978-3-86303-323-1l lieferbar / available Vulgata-edition of the Institutiones Justiniana with the Glossa Magna Accursii. ISBN: 3-936840-47-4


Order Number: 476DB

The work on the Digest was still incomplete when Emperor Justinian ordered the writing of an introductory textbook already announced in 530 that was to replace the Gaius institutiones to teach new student of law. The promulgation constitution of 21 November 533 “Imperatoriam maiestatem” provides an insight into the creation of the work. Tribonian himself and the two professors Theophilos and Dorotheos are named as the authors. In general, the Institutiones read like a lecture, as if Justinian were directly addressing the “legum cupida iuventus”. The sources of the Institutiones are difficult to reconstruct. On the one hand, unlike with the Digest, the sources are not stated and the introductory textbooks have mostly been lost. On the other hand, Justinian issued only a vague order to cover all the Institutiones works and alii multi commentarii. It would however appear that the Gaius institutiones served as an important source. However, Theophilos and Dorotheos made more than just language alterations, changing the content as they did in various places but especially in Book IV. The deliverance history of the Institutiones is based on a number of good manuscripts. Although the famous Codex Taurensis only dates back to the 10th century, there is general agreement that it is based on texts going back to the origin of the Institutiones. The text-critical editions began with the famous edition by Haloander, Nuremberg 1529. This Institutiones edition contains the Glossa Accursiana revised by Aegidius Perrinus. Coing, Handbuch I (P. Weimar)/ 162.

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