ALCIAT,A.(1492-1550), Opera omnia. 5 Tle., Basel 1557-58: Isingrin.

ALCIAT,A.(1492-1550), Opera omnia. 5 Tle., Basel 1557-58: Isingrin.

ALCIAT, Andreas (1492-1550), Opera omnia, ab ipso quidem autore tomis digesta quatuor. With an introduction of Dr. iur. Jochen OTTO, lawyer in Frankfurt am Main. Tomus primus (….quartus) et Index quadrigeminus. Basel, Per Michaelem Isingrinium, 1557 -1558. 4to. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2015) Insgesamt 5 Titelblätter mit Druckersignet, L S., 2.875 Spalten, 87 ungezählte Bll. Index. 5 parts in 2 half-linen-vols. Order-no.: IC-1 ISBN 978-3-940176-04-2 available Opera omnia of the founder of the humanistic jurisprudence! ISBN: 3-936840-00-8


Order Number: 433DB

Alciat founded humanistic jurisprudence, which unleashed a new spirit in jurisprudence based on profound knowledge of classic languages and ancient culture. Alciat applied his legal and philological knowledge to the interpretation of the corpus iuris civilis and placed the whole of legal science on a new foundation. The superceding of scholastic legal science and the transition to modern jurisprudence are inseparably bound with Alciat`s name. The new method (mos gallicus) led to the reforming of legal faculties throughout almost the whole of Europe. He himself had his opera omnia published by Isingrin in Basel (1547). It was last printed, now including the last books of the Parerga, in 1557-58. In this edition the Emblemata with the whole illustrations are edited.

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