AFFLICTIS,M.D. (1448-1528), Decisiones Regii Consilii Neapolitani. Venedig 1596

AFFLICTIS,M.D. (1448-1528), Decisiones Regii Consilii Neapolitani. Venedig 1596

AFFLICTIS, Matthaeus de (1448-1528), Decisiones Sacri Regii Consilii Neapolitani. Caesaris Ursilli aureis adnotationibus, casuumque novis quibusdam decisionibus separatim olim editis illustratae, & quam diligentissimee hac postrema editione recognitae. Venedig, Apud Damianum Zenarium, 1596 4to. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2014) Titelblatt mit Druckersignet, (40), 351 gezählte Blätter. Letzte Seite: Venetiis 1596: apud Paulum Ugolinum. (zusammen: 785 S.) Half-linen. Order-no.: IC-215 ISBN 978-3-86303-487-0 available ISBN: 3-936840-43-1


Order Number: 1431HB

Coing, Handbuch II,2/1179 (M. Ascheri): CCCCIIII (404) Gerichtsentscheidungen (decisiones), Ende des 15. bis zum Anfang des 16. Jahrhunderts; lange Zusätze mehrerer Autoren in den letzten Auflagen. The collection of decisions compiled by Matthaeo d’ AFFLITTO of Naples is the prototype of modern publications of supreme court case law in Europe. This also reflects the immense importance that has been gained especially by cases decided in Naples. In the advancement of jurisprudence and the authoritative effect of its courts, the Neapolitan legal system was the most significant in the whole of Italy and, as the map in the work shows, also in the whole of Europe. The professionalism of the learned judges in Naples contributed to this outstanding reputation. From the academic and cultural perspective, Naples was for a long period of time one of the intellectual centers of Europe. Innovative and exemplary was also that de Afflictis included longer academic treatises on the court cases. This led to a synthesis of learned and practiced law. Matteo d`Afflitto, Italian jurist and royal official, publibished the most important italian collected work of decisions. The decisions of the supreme court in Naples was exemplary for all of the European Courts. In Germany the work of Afllictis was well known and was printed until the 17th century. Coing, Handbuch II: Neuere Zeit (1500-1800) Das Zeitalter des Gemeinen Rechts. 2. Teilband: Gesetzgebung und Rechtsprechung. S. 1179 (erstes Werk von Gerichtsentscheidungen)

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